New level

What have you achieve so far this year? I cannot believe these months are passing by so quick time wait for nobody any longer. These previous couple of months have been overpowering juggling work, life family and some all the more energizing occasions that I will discuss in another blog to come. I needed to return to my arrangements and objectives a couple of times let be straightforward we have all needed to do. Don't feel like its to late to knock out some of your goals you still have time. I recently just ask God like what's next in My life I felt stuck lately. In that moment when I felt that way someone who is very dear and special to me sent a message that was really right on time.It is so great to have individuals throughout your life that will talk truth and consider you responsible. After I read the message I stayed there for a moment and begin to revaluate things. First thing I done was repent to God and going to make things right. We get so busy with doing things, going places that we don't recognize God or try to do things in our own strength and timing, end up stressed and anxious.Instead of praying and asking him to Handel things,trust him. Are you willing to sacrifice pray and seek God like you should to access the next level in life?