Giving up!


Giving up! 

Have you ever been on the right path and things are going great and then all of a sudden Boom! Something happens? That’s how it has been for me these last few weeks. I have been faced with different obstacles and things to distract me and get me off focus!!

For example: As you guys know I started my own blog and well I had a few technical difficulties with my website and the issue couldn’t get fix. I was like omg are you serious??? Like why is this happening?? I was so upset but in the mist of it all I could hear God saying are you going to give up or keep going? I was like no I got this and I’m going to do this.

No longer will I start things and don’t finish them especially when I know my purpose and what I’m here on Earth for. These last few weeks it gave me the opportunity to work on some things that I have been putting off which means there is always a lesson to be learned In every situation !! Life is not perfect and things will happen but don’t give up when things go left field.

I feel like it’s motivation to go harder! Just know Patience is everything.