Disconnect to Reconnect

Nature is my medicine and serenity!

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Nature is amazing and beautiful. It is very relaxing and peaceful. A great way to gather your thoughts or to regroup. Sometimes you just disconnect and strategize! When I done this shoot it brought back so many child hood memories because this photo was taken at a canal in my grandmother old neighborhood. I miss her so much, her house was in the country!

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As a little girl I didn’t mind fishing or riding bikes or running through the woods that didn’t bother me but I was still girly and prissy! I’m the type that can go fishing today and wear six inch stilettos tomorrow! It’s been a while since I visited the area so I was amazed by some things that have changed. As you can see the trees have fallen over but are still some what standing up.

That’s how it is in life, sometimes, you may feel down but continue to stand. Don’t fall completely down keep going. As my tattoo says “I refuse to sink” meaning whatever I’m faced with in life I refuse to drown in my problems or issues, I’m staying above the water!