Outfit of the Day - Be Yourself


Keep going up the ladder! 

“Be yourself!” 

Fashion is art and you are the canvas. 

This outfit was not hard to put together at all I just walked in the closet and pulled it off the rack. I like it because it’s different and it stands out!


The boots I have had for about a month or two now, brand new just took them out the box and put them on. They come from one of my favorite companies Shoe Dazzle and they were only $15 dollars. They fit my legs and thighs great which made me so happy because it’s hard to find nice boots that will fit my legs and thighs. Another thing I love about Shoe Dazzle is the fast shipping and different styles, along with the free gifts!

thumbnail (3).jpeg

When you shop with Shoe Dazzle you have the opportunity to receive some little gifts from time to time! For example I have received a few wine gift cards  from them and they were not a disappointment!

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