Fashion - Who Run The World?

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It is very hard living in a society as a black woman well a (black queen) because often we are stereotyped because of our skin. I love the color of my skin and who I am as a person which is strong , classy and motivated. One thing I learned is you can’t wait for the approval of others. Love yourself girl or nobody else will!

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One of the perks as a black woman is our hair we can do so many different styles and colors, we can have long hair one day and short hair the next. I can say the hair industry caters to us very well. Ladies never let someone tell you what you can’t do or that you can't achieve something. Nor should you allow someone to make you feel less of a person because of the color of your skin!

You are beautiful girl!! I am reminded by the QueenBey (Beyonce) that we run the “WORLD”.