Outfit of The Day - Just do it!

Just do it! 

They can’t stop what they can’t catch!! 

Ladies even on rainy days you can still wear a pair of heels!
I woke up this morning and was like oh my goodness it’s raining what am I going to wear? I told myself I don’t want to look like a bum but I want to look cute and comfortable! Mind you I didn’t go out to buy any of these pieces. I went right into my closet and put something together.

thumbnail (1).jpeg

I’m the type of person that can put things together and it doesn’t even have to match but it will look nice on me! I’m pretty sure some of you can relate. I got this shirt from Walmart, these are men’s sweat pants and the heels were given to me by my little God sister for my birthday.


Keep your heels head and standards high!